Bookstagram 101 – When to post

In the beginning, my posting schedule was all over the place, and I would post whenever I had an idea, which worked, for a while until everything kinda just stopped and I ended up being frustrated because I didn’t understand what the heck is happening.

Then I started researching ways to bring my bookstagram back to life, or at least find out what’s going on and that’s when I learned about the right time to post. Apparently, there is a perfect hour when people are more active on Instagram and when you should post – mine is 6 PM, for some reason that was the hour the majority of people were active on my end.

Mind you, this thing is also dependable on each account, if for me is 6 PM for you might be midnight, and so on. If you have no clue of what I’m talking about don’t worry, I’ve been there lol.

Below you have a short tutorial on how to access your information so you can check which hour works better for you and try and post on that hour – which to be honest, does help, even when I’m not overly engaging on Instagram my posts still get some tracking because I keep the same hour as before. You can of course post on any other hour too, but, your posts might not get the same tracking as if you stick to one hour (the most popular hour).

Personally, when I know I have to double post on a day, I try to choose the 2nd most popular hour, or if that’s not possible then I have to engage more on Instagram so my posts get pushed to the people and get more tracking.

1. Go to your profile and click on INSIGHTS

3. Once you’re on TOTAL FOLLOWERS keep scrolling till you see your „MOST ACTIVE TIMES

Under the MOST ACTIVE TIMES, you can see when people usually engage with your account and also the most popular days, for me is almost every day the same hour at 6 PM that’s because I stick to the same hour and I post everyday.

Hope this is helpful :).


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