Bookstagram 101 – Hashtags

If you’re not using Hashtags on Instagram, you should! I’ve been using them since the beginning of my Bookstagram but I never used them properly or even paid much attention to them, so, here’s what I’ve learned.

  • Number of Hashtags – From trial and error, I find out that for me best works 25 hashtags in total, you can, however, use the hashtags up to 30 but for some reason they work differently for each account – don’t ask me why I don’t have answers about that lol.
  • Big or small hashtags – I never use big hashtags, like over 1 million I try to stay away from them, I use hashtags under 500,000 because, the bigger the hashtag the faster your post will be swallowed by other posts because people use that hashtag over and over and over and your post will have almost 0 chances of being seen by other people unless, of course, you’ve got lots of followers then for some reasons things work differently.
  • Fake Hashtags – I always search and update my hashtags to make sure they’re still under the 500,000 mark and I always add new hashtags to my list depending on the posts I make. I try to not make a post about a book and add „book nook” if it’s not related to that, apparently IG doesn’t like when you use hashtags that don’t represent what your post is about – I did that mistake a couple of times and my posts barely got any reactions.
  • What works for you – Always check what number of hashtags actually work for you, usually, the higher number of hashtags the better to have your posts seen, but at the same time, not all the time using 30 will work – you’ll need to check your post’s stats and test around to see what exactly works best for you. For some 30 will work like a charm, for some less, what works for you will not work for everyone else sadly.
  • Hashtags in comments – Your hashtags HAVE to be on your posts’ description, if you post them in the comments there are high chances of them not working so working on your post caption you need to organize properly to also have space for your hashtags


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