Bookstagram 101 – Terms To Know

When I first joined Bookstagram everything was so new and confusing for me, from the ARC to TBR I had no clue what in the world these abbreviations means and I also was too shy to go around and bug people about what they meant when they said ARC.

Google did help to an extent but at one point I legit ended up with lots of blogs that I would read constantly just to figure out what X or Y meant and I think that’s why I decided on making my own Bookstagram 101, not really to „teach” anyone because I’m not an expert, on the contrary, I consider myself somewhere in the middle – not bad, not too amazing neither, but I wanted to offer something from my experience to other people when comes navigating the bookstagram life and sharing my ideas without breaking the bank just for the sake of it + it helps to have like a backlog of different information at hand.

So without further ado, here is a list of the Terms to know when comes to bookstagram and the abbreviations used, and what they mean.

  • TBR List – To-be-read List
  • CR – Currently Reading
  • DNF – Did not finish
  • BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, and people of color
  • QOTD – Question of the day
  • BOTM – Book of the Month (A monthly subscription service that allows members to select certain new & buzzworthy books at lower-than-usual prices – not available in EU only USA)
  • HEA – Happily ever after
  • ARC – Advanced Reader Copy
  • e-ARC – A digital Advanced Reader Copy
  • MC – Main Characters
  • MMC – Male Main Character
  • OTP’s – One True Pairings (Fictional couples that you love / root for)
  • No-TP’s – Fictional couples that you do not love / root for and/or you don’t want them to be together
  • POV – Point of View
  • RTC – Review to come
  • WIP – Work in progress (mostly used by authors and/or artists)
  • NA – New Adult
  • YA – Young Adult
  • MG – Middle Grade
  • HIFI – Historical Fiction
  • NSFW – Not Safe for Work (mostly used by artists)
  • OMYM/OWYM – Older man, younger woman/Older woman, younger man
  • PNR – Paranormal Romance
  • UF – Urban Fantasy
  • DRC – Digital Review Copy
  • PB – Paperback
  • HC – Hardcover
  • TBD – The Book Depository 
  • CL – Currently Listening
  • KU – Kindle Unlimited
  • HFN – Happily For Now
  • SFF – Science-fiction and fantasy
  • ALC – Audio Listening Copy
  • CW / TW – Content Warning / Trigger Warning
  • TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read

If you have more abbreviations let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list, hope this will help ♥


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