Bookstagram 101 – Background

➤ What’s your go-to when comes to background for bookstagram?

Right at this moment my go-to when comes to the background is my wood vinyl backdrop. I got it from AlieExpress for like 8$ – it took a while to arrive, but it came in good condition and I love using it!

In the beginning, my background was from my black blouse (archived post now) to my cat’s blanket to just my floor, it was all over the place, to be honest, but I liked experimenting with different things because this way I slowly found out where exactly my theme is going and this brings me to the present.

In the present I rarely use the blanket and/or other textiles, I mainly use my vinyl background because it feels more professional so to say, but sometimes I just feel burned out and I love experimenting again with different things just to tickle my creativity. I blame it on the fact I’m a Gemini and can’t stay consistent on the same thing over and over w/o a small change.

I also loved the cleanliness of the white background and how realistic the wood actually looked like. Now after a while of playing around and experimenting I can totally say you do not have to break the bank to find a good background. So many posts are made with simple things, from a bedsheet to a blouse to a jacket and I so loved it!

The main thing that will help you have better pictures is definitely the creativity, you really need to squeeze your creativity as much as possible and also get inspired by other pictures, what they’re using and how they do it but you should NEVER do what I did – compare yourself with them.

I did that and I ended up being disappointed that my pictures don’t look nice or I’ll never be a good bookstagrammer – until I stopped comparing myself and started working on myself. You can have all the best stuff in the world but if you don’t focus on yourself to grow, improve and find new ways of using your creativity you’ll always feel stuck!

I decided on switching to a vinyl background not because I compared myself with others, but because I wasn’t happy with the results especially, since the light inside my house wasn’t the best one + the vinyl background definitely wasn’t expensive from AlieExpress – the delivery as usually is the killer but if you want cheap stuff you gotta wait.


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