Bookstagram 101 – Lights

What’s your light source when comes to book photography?

At first, I have to admit I thought that having a good light when comes to book photography is just bs. Mostly because I thought you can definitely make a picture lighter with effects or edit it in photoshop, but that was so far away from the truth that it hurts looking through my Instagram archive from 2020 lol.

Personally, I do not have the perfect spots in the house to take pictures with natural light. I do have 2 big windows in the kitchen and living room but I don’t have space in front of them to take pictures. So, in the beginning when I started bookstagram most of my pictures were taken under the light from the living room and most of my pictures were pretty dark no matter what I did to try and make them lighter and more nice-looking.

For long, I struggled A LOT and I was considering so much on buying a light system for photography to have nicer pictures, however, I am cheap! I didn’t feel the need to spend about 100+ bucks on a light system just for bookstagram because that’s the only purpose why I even needed and wanted lights.

So, guess what I did instead? I decided on purchasing a light ring with everything included for more than half that price and let me tell you I am really happy with how my pictures look now!!

I got the ring light from a Norwegian website for about 40 Euro if I’m not wrong. It comes with the support, the ring, which is very big and bright and lots of choices to switch from. What I don’t really enjoy are the head choices this ring came with, they don’t really work nice together but it doesn’t bother me that much because I can always improvise lol.

Overall this really helped me have better light for my bookstagram and also didn’t break the bank. Now after lots of failed pictures and less nice quality I know that you do need nice light and not just editing skills but in the same time I do not think you need to break the bank to achieve that goal. Besides, the ring light can help you into the videography too and not just for photography so in my opinion is a win/win.


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