February Wrap-Up

Trying to catch up on so many things has made me be so delayed when comes to my blog, but finally, I’m feeling more organized and I can do this!

So, how many books you’ve read in February if you still remember?

Initially, I had 8 books on my TBR for February but I haven’t calculated my reading time properly so I ended up reading only 7, plus I have kind of gotten into a small reading slump so I was just dragging it along instead of reading lol.

I hate when I end up in reading slumps, usually, they happen when I read too many months in a row without a break – then I kind of don’t want to read anymore for a period.

February Wrap-Up
Second Star to the Left by Megan Van Dyke
A Legacy of Storms and Starlight by Victoria J. Price
Tethered by Angelina J. Steffort
A Hunt of Shadows by Elise Kova
It’s a Match by Samantha Cheah
Fragmented Souls by Kasha Ross
Oathbound by Victoria McCombs

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The books have been gifted as eBooks by the authors to read and review.


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