Bookstagram 101 – Props

Since 2020 I feel I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot, so to spice things up I decided to share some of my experiences and also tips and tricks that worked for me and hopefully will work for you. The posts will be bi-monthly, with short details on Instagram, and lengthy on my blog because we all know Instagram got a limited amount of characters.

⮞Bookstagram 101 – Props⮜

When comes to props I can say I’ve not spent too much money and I was very lucky of having lots of candles in my husband’s house. Like, LOTS of candles lol. I legit can open a business with the candles that we have in this house, which is madness but is good for me tho.

In total on props, I can honestly say I’ve spent: €11.07 and those things are:

  • x1 A small box of dried flowers
  • x3 Bouquets of Plastic flowers
  • x1 Wood slice but small

The flowers in the above picture are the ones I’ve bought and still use on my posts. Since I bought them, they’re no longer complete as on the pictures from their website, especially the peony bouquet all I have is the peony heads lol. When I started my bookstagram I didn’t think much about the props or how I wanted my theme to be, the very beginning was chaotic, to say the least, and very experimental.

My very was go in the beginning was aliexpress which was a good option for me, unless you mind the long shipping you’ll encounter, since me, I wasn’t in a rush, the shipping was just good especially since the flowers were pretty cheap.

The quality of the plastic flowers can say is okay. They’re good for what I do with them. What I loved the most were the dried flowers, they’re so gorgeous and they’re the same as when I bought them, you’ll see I use most of them on my posts. When comes to the sliced wood I wanted something not too big, not too small for the candles, and works just perfect.

I didn’t find the need to spend too much on props and even now I don’t intend on spending too much on new or other props. I do want to buy another wood slice but bigger for books and perhaps some other plastic flowers to fill some gaps here and there.

In general, I like the theme to be simpler and the main focus to be the book, and the props to be a way to make it a little bit more cozy/beautiful. From my own experience, I do not think you need to spend lots of money on props to get something nice. You can legit use the sheets of your own bed and still pull something nice. However, what I found to be tricky for me, was to think creatively – I’ve had the means, but my creativity was lacking and it took me A LOT of experimenting to get to a point where I’m pretty content with my pictures.

Items Bought:


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