Today I’m excited to participate in the Creative Blog Tour for A Sea of Eternal Woe by R.L. Davennor hosted by MTMC Tours. The adventures of A Land of Never After continue in its thrilling sequel A Sea of Eternal Woe, where Sinbad meets The Little Mermaid. Out on August 30th, 2022 from Night Muse … Continuă să citești Book Tour: A SEA OF ETERNAL WOE

Bookstagram 101 – When to post

In the beginning, my posting schedule was all over the place, and I would post whenever I had an idea, which worked, for a while until everything kinda just stopped and I ended up being frustrated because I didn't understand what the heck is happening. Then I started researching ways to bring my bookstagram back … Continuă să citești Bookstagram 101 – When to post

May Wrap-Up

Well, May was also a very fruitful month with 7 books read. Most of them were SO GOOD, and I still think a lot about Incarnation and I want the 2nd book like RIGHT NOW! How many books you've read during May? - May Wrap-Up -➡ Kingdom of Feathers by Alice Ivinya➡ The Sylvan and the … Continuă să citești May Wrap-Up

Bookstagram 101 – Hashtags

If you're not using Hashtags on Instagram, you should! I've been using them since the beginning of my Bookstagram but I never used them properly or even paid much attention to them, so, here's what I've learned. Number of Hashtags - From trial and error, I find out that for me best works 25 hashtags … Continuă să citești Bookstagram 101 – Hashtags

Bookstagram 101 – Terms To Know

When I first joined Bookstagram everything was so new and confusing for me, from the ARC to TBR I had no clue what in the world these abbreviations means and I also was too shy to go around and bug people about what they meant when they said ARC. Google did help to an extent … Continuă să citești Bookstagram 101 – Terms To Know

April Wrap-Up

Trying to catch up with so many things is definitely not an easy task, but here we are. April was a great month for reading, and I like that I'm pretty constant each month with round 7 books read each month. How many books you've had during April? - April Wrap-Up - ➡ When Wishes … Continuă să citești April Wrap-Up

Bookstagram 101 – Background

➤ What's your go-to when comes to background for bookstagram? Right at this moment my go-to when comes to the background is my wood vinyl backdrop. I got it from AlieExpress for like 8$ - it took a while to arrive, but it came in good condition and I love using it! In the beginning, … Continuă să citești Bookstagram 101 – Background

Bookstagram 101 – Lights

What's your light source when comes to book photography? At first, I have to admit I thought that having a good light when comes to book photography is just bs. Mostly because I thought you can definitely make a picture lighter with effects or edit it in photoshop, but that was so far away from … Continuă să citești Bookstagram 101 – Lights

ARC Review: She Rises by Caitlin Denman

Attina and Raven made it to Sanctuary now the real work begins. When Attina is sent on a mission to find supplies for Sanctuary her alliances, self-worth, and powers are tested. She finds a new confidant in Roy, a scarred resident in Sanctuary. He knows more about Attina than she knows about herself. Her powers … Continuă să citești ARC Review: She Rises by Caitlin Denman

March Wrap-Up

March wasn't a better month either. I've had fewer books read than in February, but the reads I had I've enjoyed them, and in my opinion that's a win already! How many books you've had during March? - March Wrap-Up -Lured by the Dusk by Angela J. FordHouse of Darakai by K.L. KolarichHunger & Cursed Shadows by … Continuă să citești March Wrap-Up